All the products that come under Loose Gems  will be shown in this  section. Rainbow Enterprises based out of Jaipur has been in the business of manufacturing quality Gemstones and Beads since the past 40 years. Hence, if you were looking for products like this then then this is the best place for you. We have best selected gemstones, most of them are rear to find and we give all kinds of quality products. The gemstones which we showcase, don’t go through any kind of artificial treatments. We bring stones from different parts of the world. Colour of the Loose Gems  are 100% natural.

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Natural Peridot Round Shape Cabochon Loose gemstone 10 mm AA Quality, Gemstone For Jewelry


13 mm and 14 mm African Amethyst Hearts Faceted Loose gemstone AAA Quality

From $61.83

Natural White Moonstone 11×9 mm and 12×10 mm Oval Cabochons Loose gemstones AAA Quality Available In Lots

From $6.78

Natural Citrine 11X9mm and 12x10mm Citrine Oval Faceted Loose gemstone, light yellow, Inclusion Free, clearance

From $6.83

Blue Iolite oval Carat 4.85 size 12×9 mm Rare and Exclusive Natural Loose Gemstone for Jewelry Making


White Australian Opal, Coober Pedy Mines, Loose Natural Opal, Oval Shape, 3.05 carat, Fire Opal, October Birthstone Loose gemstone


Mint colour Fire Australian Opal, 2.57 carat Cabochon, Oval Shape Opal 15x10mm Loose gemstone


Lavendar Fire Opal, 3.22 ct Long Oval Cabochon from Coober Pedy Mines, 17x9mm October Birthstone


Rare Fire Australian Opal in Triangle shape, White gemstone 4.24 carat, In Size 17mm


Australian Opal with intense fire, white colour Coober Pedy Opal Cabochon, 5.49 ct, Oval Shape


Natural Fine Opal (Australia) Cabochon Oval Shape Loose Gemstones in Sizes from 18x9mm for Jewellery Making


October Birthstone, Australian Opal in White colour and Rainbow Sparkle Smooth top gemstone in Oval Shape, 6.06 carat


Australian Opal natural gemstone with wave fire in blue colour, 5.22 cts October birthstone gemstone


Coober Pedy Opal loose cabochon natural white with fire, In Size 14×11 mm


Natural Australian Opal with Tiny red fire, Oval Shape, 3.36 carat, October Birthstone


Australian opal cabochon weight 2.53 ct, smooth top natural gemstone with good fire


Opal Cabochon from Australian Mines, TCW 5.04 ct, Oval shape nautral opal with Pin Fire. October Birthstone


Fire Opal in white colour, 2.88 carat natural gemstone with multi colour Pin fire


Natural White Opal from Australia mines, Oval cut Smooth Top loose gemstone 3.67 carat


Natural Opal Oval Cabochon, In Size 15x13mm, 6 Carat Opal loose gemstone For Making Jewelry


White Australian Opal from Coober Pedy Mines, oval gemstone with lavender and red fire, 4.52 carat, Loose gemstone