Find the most beautiful and stunning cabochon natural gemstones in our store. Easy to browse and navigate through different stone colours or gemstone type and their respective sizes and super easy and secure check out with PayPal.
Most gemstones are available in lots and are handpicked post your purchase in order to provide you with colour matching and calibrated cabochon gemstone pieces. We try our best to provide you the best matching gemstone pieces with respect to the availability of cabochon cut gemstones in our stock.
All  gemstones are finely cut and polished in our lapidary with the help of modern equipment used by seasoned professionals. The majority of our pieces have the star cut that give a star like image when viewed from top and is also visible in the images. These gemstones are then assorted based on their final finish and colour density and then graded.
AAA quality is best quality we provide wherein the gemstones possesses immense fire and are calibrated upto +/- 0.1 mm.

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Natural Peridot Round Shape Cabochon Loose gemstone 10 mm AA Quality, Gemstone For Jewelry


7mm and 8mm Pink Tourmaline Round Cabochon Loose gemstone AA Quality Price:

From $56.93

Genuine Citrine 3mm, 4mm and 5mm Citrine Round Cabochons Loose gemstone, Gemstone For Jewelry.

From $4.14

Natural Garnet 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm Round Cabochon Loose gemstone, AA Quality, Gems For Jewelry.

From $6.71

Zambian Emerald Cabochons, Natural loose Oval gemstone in sizes 7X5 mm to 11×9 mm | #651

From $34.78

8mm Green Tourmaline Round Cabochon Loose gemstone AA Quality


Natural Brazilian Amethyst Cabochons 10×8, Bright lavender colour gemstones, AAA Quality

From $4.83

3mm, 4mm and 4.5mm African Amethyst Round Cabochons Loose gemstone AAA Quality

From $5.04

Natural White Moonstone Baguette Cut Shape 7x5mm and 8×6 mm Loose gemstones AAA Quality, Available In Lots

From $2.71

Natural White Moonstone 11×9 mm and 12×10 mm Oval Cabochons Loose gemstones AAA Quality Available In Lots

From $6.78

Natural White Moonstone Oval Cabochon 5×3 mm and 6×4 mm AAA Quality Available In Lots

From $5.51

Natural Citrine Round 9mm and 10mm Citrine Round Cabochon Loose gemstone, Gemstone For Jewelry

From $21.82

Natural 3.5 mm Turquoise Round Cabochons Sleeping beauty Arizona mines AAA Quality

From $3.27

Natural Turquoise Round Cabochon Sleeping beauty Arizona mines 4.5mm Wholesale Gemstone Lots 200 Pieces


Ethiopian Orange Opal cabochon round 8 mm Loose Gemstones AAA Quality Gemstone For jewelry Making

From $20.02

Natural Tanzanite Cabochon 8mm Round Loose Gemstones AA Quality, Tanzanite Gemstone For Jewelry Making

From $21.20

Blue Sapphire Cabochon Size 5x4mm to 7x5mm Oval AA Quality, Natural Blue Sapphire, Excellent Quality Gemstone

From $9.91

Natural Blue Sapphire Oval Cabochons Size 6x4mm to 7x5mm Blue Color, Excellent Quality Gemstone

From $5.07

Natural Blue Sapphire Round Cabochons Size 2mm to 3.5mm Light Blue Color, Excellent Quality Gemstone

From $3.10

White Australian Opal, Coober Pedy Mines, Loose Natural Opal, Oval Shape, 3.05 carat, Fire Opal, October Birthstone Loose gemstone


Mint colour Fire Australian Opal, 2.57 carat Cabochon, Oval Shape Opal 15x10mm Loose gemstone