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Rainbow Enterprises based out of Jaipur has been in the business of manufacturing quality Gemstones and Beads since the past 40 years. Rainbow Enterprises has excelled in this art and forayed into manufacturing of bespoke Gold and Silver Jewellery.

Whilst the business of manufacturing semi-precious and precious gemstones pertains to exporting these items to the European and North American subcontinent only. Rainbow Enterprises manufactures and supplies silver and diamond studded gold jewellery to both the domestic and international stores and designers.

Why Rainbow Enterprises holds extensive expertise and knowledge in the field of Gems and Jewellery manufacturing is because it has been catering to a wide variety of clients over the years, having seasoned craftsmen and strong business connections.

Indian craftsmen known for their magnificent artwork and with the advent of Computer aided designing, Rainbow Enterprises has constantly been keeping up to balance between the both in order to provide an excellent output, efficiently.

After all these decades and having dealt with hundreds of gem and jewellery businesses, Rainbow Enterprises is now entering the e-commerce space to reach out to it’s end consumers and lay the foundation of business relations via the digital platform that enables smooth, fast and convenient way of moving ahead. Our kind and solely devoted customer
service focuses on finding out the best pieces for your jewelry.

So, feel free to reach out and thank you so much for visiting us.

Rainbow Enterprises